Why discover?

ComplyXL is able to record changes to workbooks it is asked to manage.  Once available in the repository users can compare a workbook for changes, review it's history and generate a comprehensive history for each managed workbook.  The key workbooks used by an organization, for example, to prepare public financial statements will be well known and easily added to the ComplyXL Enterprise repository.

Spreadsheet Discovery is for the other workbooks that may be important and in daily use but about which little information is actively retained.

What's involved?

Once configured Spreadsheet Discovery is an automatic process that runs periodically, say every night, to find new and updated spreadsheets .  It integrates with the other automatic processes, such as backup, that run regularly on file servers and PCs.  Scheduling the discovery process is straight forward.

Not all workbooks will be important so when the process has been run and new or changed workbooks have been found, managers can decide whether changes will be recorded in the future.  Of course any decision can be changed in the future.

Managers and administrators use the standard ComplyXL Enterprise to control workbooks.

What Spreadsheet Discovery configuration options are there?

The specific options available depend upon how Spreadsheet Discovery will be used.  There are broadly two discovery scenarios: whether ComplyXL Spreadsheet Disovery is used standalone or in conjunction with a content indexing server like Windows Content Indexing server or Google Desktop Search. 

When working as an independent service, ComplyXL Spreadsheet Discovery will examine filesevers to look for spreadsheets.  When working with an indexing service ComplyXL Spreadsheet Discovery will use the existing indexes to find new or changed spreadsheets, an option that is likely to be more efficient.

And it's not an either/or choice.  Windows Content Indexing Service is available with Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro and Windows 2003 so this service may already be configured and available.  On the other hand IT may have installed the Google Desktop Search engine for users in which case it makes sense to use it. 

However regardless of the choice made to discover new and changed spreadsheets, when a process is being created the administrator is able to decide:

  • The scope of the discovery process: which servers and PCs will be scanned and which volumes or sets of folders will be scanned;
  • Whether all, changed or just new spreadsheets will be recorded;
  • How frequently the discovery process will run; and
  • Who will be notified about spreadsheet discoveries made

Some or all of these options can be changed based upon the machine being scanned and the type of scan such daily, weekly, monthly.  Please contact us to see how we can help.

What if I want to use a different search tool?

If the search or content indexing tool supports the ability to query its results programmatically then it should be possible to use it with ComplyXL Spreadsheet Discovery.  You can contact us for more information about integrating with other services by contacting us mailto:info@lyquidity.com