ComplyXL now supports Rights Protected and Encrypted files in line with corporate spreadsheet policies

New York, London, January 25, 2011: Lyquidity, an international developer of spreadsheet enterprise risk management controls, announce the availability of support for IRM (rights) protected and encrypted files to be managed and controlled by ComplyXL.

Microsoft has granted a license to Lyquidity which allows for the control of encrypted and rights protected (IRM) spreadsheets so organizations that have tightened their security management are now able to continuously control and monitor all spreadsheets using ComplyXL. These security aware organizations will be able to ensure full control and management, as well as analysis, of all spreadsheets and their usage patterns as well as defined segregation of roles, version and change control.

Increased use of IRM for additional security

Organizations using IRM can specify access permissions to workbooks not just simple password protection. Using IRM organizations can prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people. Once permission has been restricted using IRM the access and usage restrictions are enforced no matter where the information is, as permission to a file is stored in the document file itself which helps organizations enforce corporate guidelines governing the control and dissemination of information.

Although IRM protected documents are encrypted, no passwords are required because they are encrypted using a certificate based key issued by Active Directory, which provided login control to Windows domains. As a result, only authorized users are able to access the files.

ComplyXL 64-bit helps speed up the management of spreadsheet controls

ComplyXL 64-bit supports Excel 2010 64-bit and speeds up the management of spreadsheet controls

Enables organizations to take advantage of faster processing to increase performance of enterprise spreadsheet management

ComplyXL is now engineered to work with both 32 and 64 bit processors so organizations can take full advantage of faster processing and effectively unlimited RAM. ComplyXL is one of the first tools to support Excel 2010 64-bit so organizations, especially in finance, wanting to take advantage of the larger worksheet size supported by the 64-bit version of Excel can do so without compromising their ability to provide compliance control of these larger spreadsheets.

This enhancement follows the recent development of ComplyXL FIPS Compliance which also provides:

  • Instant notification of either specific changes to key spreadsheets, or all changes
  • No need to move spreadsheets, which can introduce errors
  • SharePoint integration
  • Full, detailed comparisons of both spreadsheets, sheets and versions, including cell changes, macros, VBA, bounds checking
  • Version control
  • Ad hoc generation of reports for compliance

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. These give users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be deployed. Full presentations are available at

Enterprise spreadsheet management with ComplyXL now FIPS compliant

ComplyXL delivers spreadsheet management controls within the Federal Information Processing Standard (FISP) protocols

Lyquidity, an international provider of enterprise spreadsheet management solutions announce the availability of ComplyXL Enterprise FIPS compliant. At the request of a US Federal Agency, ComplyXL is now enhanced to comply with guidelines set by the US Government and other regulated industries, such as financial and healthcare institutions that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified information.

ComplyXL is used internationally to:

  • Find and monitor spreadsheets throughout the organization on a continuous basis
  • Notify when key changes happen, with user defined parameters
  • Keep spreadsheets where they are without the need to move them and possibly introduce errors
  • Carry out full comparison of changes, all the way to cell level, with full audit trails of changes
  • Provide a Manager Approval Process without tying up vital spreadsheets
  • Ensure full version control

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. These give users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be deployed. Full presentations are available at

Changes to key spreadsheets captured automatically

Lyquidity announce the availability of ComplyXL Discovery and Continuous Monitoring.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Now organizations are able to monitor corporate spreadsheets automatically and continuously and to report instantly on changes based on criteria important to an organization such as: changes to key areas of a spreadsheet; to formulas; introduced errors or any of 40 other risk criteria. Users can subscribe to receive notifications by e-mail, IM or as a desktop popup.

As spreadsheets are always changing ComplyXL allows the finance, accounting and compliance teams - as well as managers who are responsible for the integrity of data in their spreadsheets - to have confidence they understand and are aware of spreadsheet activity. Active monitoring of changes will help ensure spreadsheet data and business rules comply with an organization's policies and governance rules.

Commented Bill Seddon, CEO "Organizations can't afford to let information 'feed' into critical business and reporting processes without being able to show who, what, where, when and why of what has changed in corporate spreadsheets. Once ComplyXL Discovery is set up you don't have to do anything - you choose how and when to be notified so you can get on with your job."

ComplyXL Discovery brings these benefits:

  • Alerts sent when spreadsheets change, whether to specific cell ranges, or 40+ types of changes
  • Choice of alert system, whether instant or daily emails, or instant messaging (IM)
  • Automatically ensure continuous monitoring and controlling of spreadsheets that would be time consuming if done manually
  • Inventory of all new and changed spreadsheets on an ongoing basis -- without the need for client software installed locally
  • Creation of documentation and audit trails to help with the audit process

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. These give users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be used and deployed. Full presentations are available at

Silverlight to speed the deployment of spreadsheet management tools

ComplyXL simplifies deployment of spreadsheet controls across multiple locations without the need to install local client software.

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

New York, London: Lyquidity, international innovators in the development of enterprise spreadsheet management tools for multinational organizations, announce the availability of ComplyXL using Microsoft's Silverlight. The inclusion of Silverlight technology allows ComplyXL to present a rich user interface for users to review changes to spreadsheets over the intranet and internet. Silverlight includes comprehensive security which allows remote users to gain controlled access to specified spreadsheets. Like all web-based applications there is no need to install any client software locally with control maintained using enterprise security protocols.

This enhancement has been developed as part of Lyquidity's ongoing strategy in the field of spreadsheet compliance and provides:

  • Reduced deployment requirements, no client install necessary
  • Same version of the software used throughout the organization
  • Updates easily applied
  • More intuitive interface
  • No specific technology required for the server

This enhancement is part of a wide range of benefits which ComplyXL offers, such as:

  • Version control for spreadsheets
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Controlled user defined actions - what can be changed, who by, who can view the spreadsheets
  • Full comparison of versions
  • Audit reports stored for future access for compliance
  • Full, easy generated reporting of activities carried out, whether by department, users, or predefined criteria

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. These give users a deeper understanding of the softwareand how it can be used and deployed. Full presentations are available at

Find Combinations add-in for audit and reconciliations

Help to easily track down combinations of numbers in spreadsheets with free add-in

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

ComplyXL provides the key framework used by organizations for version and audit controls as well as continuous monitoring of critical spreadsheets with instant notification of changes. The Find Combinations utility gives the added ability to analyze the information within the spreadsheets and is available for free general download from the Lyquidity website, simply log in and download.

Said Steve Bruckner, lead software designer: "Imagine you are an auditor or cash accountant and need to reconcile, say, bank statement cash balances back to payment or receipt batches. In a huge spreadsheet finding a discrepancy between two numbers can be an overwhelming task but using Lyquidity's Find Combinations enables you to analyze ranges of numbers to find the total to a selected value, saving valuable time. Not surprisingly, it's been popular with the audit firms." A video which shows how the software is used can be viewed at

Key benefits of Find Combinations include the ability to:

  • Enter or select a target value. Combinations of cell values will be computed and tested against this number for a match
  • Specify or select a maximum group size of combinations to try
  • See the addresses of the cells which total to the target value
  • Select a range of values, with the ability to select multiple areas
  • Find the combination of values in a specified cell range that total to a given value

The group size value allows you to control the maximum size of groups that will be tested. For example, although you are looking for combinations of numbers in a list of 100 values, you may know that the number of values to be added together never exceeds, say, 5. You can then specify 5 as the maximum group size and then no groups of 6 or higher will be tested.

This is important, especially in large lists, because the number of potential combinations can be vast. There are 627 combinations of 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers in a list 10. There are 2,369,885 combinations of the same groups in a list of 50 numbers and 7,937,339 combinations in a list of 100. On a 1.8Mz laptop working through these 7+ million numbers takes about 5 minutes - or about 20,000 tests per second.

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL and well as Find Combinations. These give users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be used and deployed. Full presentations are available at:

Segro selects ComplyXL to speed up spreadsheet reporting

Monday, April 27th, 2009

SEGRO (SGRO) is Europe's leading property investment and development company providing business space across Europe, and is one of the largest REITs in the world.  With headquarters in the UK, Segro has locations across Europe in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.  With assets of £5.1 billion and 5 million sqm of business space, and an annual rental income of approximately £314 million SEGRO needed to find a way to manage and streamline the information and reporting of both financial and property information held in spreadsheets.


SEGRO was about to launch a new MRI finance group applicaiton so it was vital all data feeding in was controlled with changes approved and with a full audit trail of changes.  This information was both financial and property, and included such information as area, how much was let, how much was vacant etc.  With the information being checked manually the time taken was significant and had the potential for errors.

As the spreadsheets were being updated on a daily basis, with no real way to check the spreadsheets or control and changes except manually, it became imperative that spreadsheet controls were put in place in a non intrusive way that could be rolled out easily throughout Europe with minimal disruption.

Rob Healey, Service Delivery Manager for Europe was tasked with finding a solution that would link into the new initiative to analyze the information, both the financial and perperty details, held in spreadsheets across Europe, to be able to report on the changes all the way to cell level and then to send notifications to the owners of the spreadsheets that the document had changed, all in a fast and verifiable way.

The project was initiated in France with 45 users spread across 9 different countries in Europe.  These users included the Finance Accountants, Property Managers and Country Managers with the information feeding into the central store, the changed spreadsheets saved, with their full verison history then analyzed every day.


"Once ComplyXL was installed, it saved us enormous amounts of time in the analysis of spreadsheet changes.  With the property information when it changes it causes a ripple effect, now with the changes being easy to track down and easy to see and approve, we have confidence in the information.  For instance in Germany we have 110 properties, so any changes to information in our spreadsheets, we can now easily filter and understand, we know and trust the quality of information" said Rob Healey.

He goes on to say "the support from Lyquidity has been tremendous, from the initial contact with the demonstration of ComplyXL, all the way through to loading license files, they have helped us at very short notice,  It's alway nice to get good service from a software vendor, as some just sell you the produce and you have to struggle to get the right resource to help.  Lyquidity have been tremendous and I would recommend them".

Set spreadsheet retention policies to manage compliance

Provides ediscovery, reporting and corporate wide spreadsheet compliance

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

ComplyXL the innovative solution for enterprises to manage and control the information held in spreadsheets, now addresses the need for corporations to set retention policies for information held in spreadsheets.  With ComplyXL spreadsheets can now be included in the corporate retention policies, and can be applied across divisions and business units.

ComplyXL also addresses other key areas of information retention, such as:

  • an index of spreadsheets
  • the locations where these spreadsheets are held
  • the ability to search for activie and inactive spreadsheets
  • classification of spreadsheets, whether critical, medium or low risk
  • determins retention periods
  • continuous monitoring of spreadsheets

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