Devolving responsibility for ComplyXL continuous monitoring
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Continuously monitoring file servers for changes to spreadsheets and then capturing those changes in an auditable trail is one of ComplyXL’s key features and the heart of a robust spreadsheet control application. Because ComplyXL’s continuous monitoring service might be used to track changes across many thousands of spreadsheets and across several file servers, the service is usually deployed centrally by IT where concerns about sizing, resource utilization and security are paramount. Debby Leipprandt at DynCorp, Inc is taking different, more decentralized, approach which allows departments to take responsibility for their own monitoring and eliminates both security and utilization concerns.

Debby says she plans to “…set up the scanning [monitoring] by department because each department has a folder in which they keep their key spreadsheets and there is one person assigned in each department who controls access to that folder.” She goes on to add “The department designee knows which folders/files need to be scanned so I want to make them responsible for ensuring that the appropriate workbooks are scanned”. It also means departments and the network administrators do not need to allow access to secured folders by third parties which reduces the opportunity for files be compromised.

Another benefit of Debby’s approach is that the service can be deployed by department staff so implementing a continuous monitoring process is not dependent upon IT resources so she is able to deploy the application immediately.


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