For the Excel user

The ComplyXL client, part of ComplyXL Enterprise

ComplyXL adds both version control and comparison features to Excel.

Comparing Workbooks and Versions

ComplyXL graphical spreadsheet comparison

ComplyXL Desktop is both a standalone and an add-in for Excel. Both aspects allow users to compare workbooks to reveal ANY change between two workbooks or two versions.

Changes that can affect the integrity of a report go beyond changes to cell data and although ComplyXL will detect and report changes to data, it will also detect changes to:

  • Column/Row width changing/hiding that made be used to conceal data;
  • Cell formatting that may be used hide the presentation of data;
  • Macro changes that may result in different computations;
  • Options that control the calculation;

and many other attributes of Excel.

One of the ways to easily see changes is the using the graphical display.  No matter how big the worksheet or how many changes have been made, this view allows the user to visualize all changes or to zoom in to review specific areas or cells in more detail.

As this images shows, the display can be filtered to allow the user to look for specific types of change only.  Whether it's only formula changes that are important, or only changes to locked or unlocked cells, ComplyXL allows you to quickly access your critical information.

See our product walk-through presentations for more information.


Everyone keeps versions - workbooks, documents and files of all sorts need to be updated, sometimes frequently.  When the update occurs, very often a copy of the original is taken and filed to one side.  Maybe the copied file is named methodically and added to a backup but maybe not.  Even if copies of spreadsheets are saved methodically, each additional copy just adds to the  spreadsheet control problem, especially if they are shared.

The PC version of ComplyXL meets the needs of the Excel user.  ComplyXL doesn't introduce a new concept but it does add the ability to add and manage versions to Excel and makes it easy to do it properly.  Version management will make a big difference to any Excel user whether you are a compliance manager or auditor working at large corporation, a practice accountant with clients who like to exchange information in workbooks, a compliance officer checking on a small independent financial advisor or a regular Excel user.

Instead of copying files to one side (files that may be lost, forgotten or deleted) ComplyXL allows record versions.  While you can carry on maintaining copies of workbooks, by using versions instead, you can be sure that older versions are to hand, can be reviewed, and used for comparison.  The date and user adding a version is recorded with the version automatically. An optional comment can be recorded with each version to help you remember the reason why it was saved. Versions can be signed so that, later, you can be sure the version saved is the one you saved (not one someone else tried to put in).

Version Audit Trail

ComplyXL maintains a trail of actions performed on saved versions so you can see at a glance whether versions have been deleted or used to turn the current workbook back to an older version or exported.

The purpose of ComplyXL is to help users determine if a workbook has been changed and, if it has, present a review of those changes. 

See our product walk-through presentations for more information.