Take a tour through ComplyXL


Take a few moments and let us take you on a tour through ComplyXL.  In the tour you will see how ComplyXL:

  • Manages controlled access to workbooks
  • Maintains an audit trail of changes
  • Review and report changes to workbooks
  • Allows roles and users to be defined
  • Allow managers to be defined

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A cost effective way to control corporate workbooks

Excel is a fantastic productivity tool for end users but unless workbooks are strictly private it presents the organization the challenge of how to ensure that everyone is using the most recent version.  Typically workbooks are located on a file server and referenced by their name. 

But of course there is usually nothing to prevent a user from saving an updated workbook with a different name or in a different location.  Even worse, once an existing workbook is overwritten previous values are lost.

ComplyXL Enterprise can help you improve your control of Excel workbook potentially reducing your auditing costs.

With prices starting at £2,595/$3,075/€2,775 it's a cost effective solution for any group using Excel.

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Database repository for the version history

ComplyXL Enterprise allows you to store workbooks in a database so that workbook information can be managed along with other corporate data assets.  ComplyXL Enterprise supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g and later and MySQL 5.x.

User and role based controlled access

Sharing of workbooks usually takes place between members of the same team or department and often it is desirable to have access to workbooks restricted to a member of the team or department.  ComplyXL Enterprise recognizes this requirement and allows administrators to create roles and user rights and apply them to specific workbooks.  Using rights and roles, access can be controlled to ensure workbooks are visible only to members of a team and that within the team only authorized individuals have the right to update.

Windows authentication or standalone authentication

Administrators can choose to use Windows Authentication for access to the version history and change reporting features.

Version history

ComplyXL Enterprise maintains a history of versions of each workbook.  This provides several benefits:

  • Versions can be restored if later changes need to be removed
  • The current version can be compared with historical version to identify changes
  • The history of the workbook is available to compliance officers on demand.

No change to the way Excel is used

Although ComplyXL Enterprise provides an organization with a powerful tool for the management of key workbooks, it does not change the way Excel is used in anyway.

  • No additional cost or risk because spreadsheet documents remain on the file server
  • No additional cost to re-train Excel users
  • All add-ins continue to function normally

Simple administration

ComplyXL Enterprise provide a simple-to-use program to manage users, their roles and workbooks.  The tool can also be used by systems administrators to create database schemas for use by ComplyXL Enterprise.