Your way forward with ComplyXL Enterprise

Image Hi, I'm Bill Seddon, CEO of Lyquidity Solutions. Our aim is to deliver high quality, fantastic value software that will help you improve the management and control of Excel workbooks within your organization.  We make the information you need to make an informed judgement available here on our web site with pricing shown.  I've included links to a few of the key resources here:

I know you will agree that our prices are substantially below those of other vendors. We provide our software at a great price because we don't employ a direct sales team so we can pass this saving on to you.

Steps to evaluating ComplyXL Enterprise

We are keen for you to try ComplyXL Enterprise so you can learn first hand the benefits it provides.  With two options to trial ComplyXL Enterprise we will work ensure your process of understanding how ComplyXL fits into your organization's spreadsheet management is as streamlined as possible.

We understand that software is only part of a solution and we don't underestimate the importance you attach to being able to plan for the whole deployment exercise not just the purchase, so have prepared this list to explain our evaluation process and the  support we provide to help you trial, implement, test and deploy ComplyXL.

  • Send me your requirements so that we can learn about your objectives and explain to you how ComplyXL will meet them;
  • Once we have understood your requirements and how ComplyXL can be used to deliver the improvements you need we will be delighted to help you understand the product in greater detail by presenting ComplyXL over the web;
  • When you decide you'd like to trial ComplyXL you have several ways you can evaluate the software:

    Remotely over the internet and we will provide a logon to one of our PC's on which ComplyXL Enterprise is configured for you to use. Connect to the PC using Microsoft's Remote Desktop, upload your workbooks and use ComplyXL.

    In your own environment for a two week period. We will agree with you a charge for one day to help you start your trial and provide support during the evaluation period.

  • When you choose to deploy ComplyXL just send us a purchase order by post or fax and we will send you license keys (along with an invoice) so you can carry on using ComplyXL.

How do we support you?

On-going and available support is important to any product to be used as part of a compliance process. Not only are we commited to providing high quality client support our client quotes confirm we also deliver excellent support.

We support you remotely using GotoMeeting from Citrix, a world leader in remote access technologies,so we can be working with you or your colleagues, wherever they are in the world, in minute. Our support desk is staffed from 09:00 GMT until 17:00 PCT.

Included with each ComplyXL Enterprise license is:

  • 4 hours installation support

    This may not sound like much but it typically takes about 1 hour to install and configure ComplyXL including the time to create a database for the ComplyXL repository. So in practice there is no extra cost for you to incur.

  • Free training

    Though ComplyXL is straight forward to use, there's no substitute for working with an expert to learn how to get the best from a product. So we will work with your administrators and principal users, again remotely, so they can be confident in their knowledge of ComplyXL and able to show others how its been adapted to the needs of your organization. They are then able to show users the installed application using terminology that's specific to your organization.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Seddon

US: 1 347-688-7927

UK: 0207 043 2777

EU: +44 207 043 2777

Why we don't employ a sales team?

It's very expensive to hire and maintain a sales team. Companies that employ a sales team have to factor this significant cost  into the purchase and maintenance costs of their software.

We want to focus on providing a service we can be proud of and help you through the implementation, not the buying part of the delivery lifecycle.

By providing a service you can purchase remotely, we minimize our impact on the environment. In this globally connected world, there is no real need to meet face-to-face to provide a digital service.