Audit & Review Spreadsheets

Formulas in spreadsheets are the source of most errors. Long formulas can also be difficult to comprehend. So the ability to be able to find, analyse and break them down into understandable sections, to see how they are used and to be able to detect errors is critical.

We provide two tools to help Excel users create more reliable spreadsheet:

  • Formula viewer: An add-in to ComplyXL that allows you to explore the formulas in your spreadsheet. Formula Viewer is part of the Desktop, Professional and Enterprise editions of ComplyXL
  • Strong typing: Add type information to your formulas so Excel is able to show errors in formula logic. By adding type information you can see where you attempted to add apples and oranges.
  • Bounds Checking: Part of ComplyXL that gives the user the ability to zoom into changes outside an expected range
  • Workbook statistics: Report overview statistics such as the number of formulas yeilding an error value in your workbooks and drill-in to see the formulas.

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For a trial license for the Formula Viewer click here or contact us on (US) 1-347-688-7927 or (EU) +44 027 043 2777. If you are looking for specific functionality not shown here, please call for more information.

Strong typing

  • Add type information to formulas
  • Define the scope of a formula
  • Apply assertions to ensure formula parameters are valid
  • Report formula errors
  • Export formula type information to use in other worksheets or share with others

Find out more about Strong Typing.

Formula viewer

  • Complex formulas broken down to help reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Help you understand the complex formulas created by other users
  • Display formulas in a structured way showing each part of the formula or function
  • Display is updated dynamically as you explore cell formulas and drill into the formulas of dependent cells
  • History list shows the path of your review so you can jump back at any point

See our short presentation about the Formula Viewer or learn more...

Bounds checking

Another way to review spreadsheets is to use ComplyXL Bounds Checking. This facility gives the userthe ability to filter and identify changes to numeric cells which are specified by a user defined interval. This ability means the user can focus in on cells which fall inside, are above, below or outside the interval's upper and lower bounds.

Workbook statistics

  • Create a statistics report for an open workbook. The report shows the number of numeric, text, boolean and error cells by input and formula cell types for each sheet in the workbook.
  • Drill into the statistics to see the formulas generating error values or to see those which contain plugged numeric values