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Add Office document version management to your server or application

The Version Manager API is a available for COM, Java and .NET applications. It allows you to add version management to your applications that handle Microsoft Office documents. The simple API allows you to add, delete, export and rollback versions for Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents. Add a version to a document when a user checks it out from your library and remove it when the document is returned.

See the Version Manager API documentation


  • Simple API to enhance your existing document management system.
  • Our complementary product, ComplyXL, allows a user to compare the current workbook with any available saved versions and review any differences between them.
  • Versions are stored either on the server for rigorous control or within each word, slideshow, or workbook document so users do not need to be connected to a server to experience the benefits of effective version control.
  • Outbound documents marked with a version you are able to confirm that it is the same document when a user returns it to control of the library.

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The API is supported by both PC and server components that are designed to help user participate in the client process. Click here to find out about the client and server components of ComplyXL.