ComplyXL - Version recording for compliance control of Excel workbooks

Version recording + Change Detection + Comparison Reporting = Control

A key benefit of ComplyXL is the confidence managers and auditors can have in the changes made to spreadsheets. The version history of changes allows you to see what changed, who made the changes and why. The version history also means that all changes can be identified automatically and quickly making it reliable and saving time in comparison to manually trying to check spreadsheets, which makes the ROI in ComplyXL clear.

With compliance becoming so important, apply version control to the Excel workbooks used in your organisation and make sure you are able to determine whether changes have been made to critical workbooks before you rely upon them. ComplyXL offers a simple to implement option that can scale from a single user to an entire company:

  • User-oriented version control so users can reap the benefits wherever they are, not just in the office;
  • Change detection identifies any change to a workbook that might be used to hide data including formatting, row/column widths, macro and other changes, not just changes to cell data; and
  • Comparison Reporting allows a user to see where changes have occurred and graphical display lets a user visualize the additions, deletions and changes.
If you represent an academic institution, contact us for a free copy of ComplyXL Desktop version.

Choose a version to suit your purpose. ComplyXL is available as a standalone version, an add-in for Excel or a web server for use by a department.

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Workbooks saved in Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007 or Open Office (ODF 2.0) formats supported.

ComplyXL provides spreadsheet control and spreadsheet compliance